last doll of the year

I wanted to reach my goal of 70 dolls for the year so I found the doll that was closest to being done and finished him up. In case you were wondering, that means the doll was sewn and stuffed, mostly. I finished the stuffing, sewed him closed and then did the hand work. First, the face. Second, the hair. Third, the belt. By the time he was done, it was dark so I did the photos today. And we were having a big storm so photos weren’t going to happen yesterday!

Mr. Tattooed Snowman- brrr!

I liked the light on this one-

*Update- Geesh! I am trying to do a mosaic of the dolls of 2008 and realize that I don’t have individual photos of each doll. So… I send some over to my Flickr- I am sure that will be confusing some people. Now it turns out that my count has been off- That 50th doll was actually #52 and I made 72 dolls this year. New Years resolution for 2009- number the dolls. Back to work on that mosaic!

5 thoughts on “last doll of the year

  1. I adore your tattooed men, and this one is maybe the best ever. I love the chin, especially. Congratulations on exceeding your goal. You truly inspire!

  2. Love the use of toile as tattooed skin! What a wonderful bit of paradigm shifting that is. And this marvelously conceived and assembled fellow from another era just rocks my little world. This guy may actually push me over the edge, where I’ve been standing for awhile, deciding whether or not to jump back into sculpting and my art dolls. Said nudge is MOST welcome…

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