snowy worlds and fish

2 snowy tiny worlds-

I put tiny wreaths on the front doors.

And I finally got around to photographing the fish. They have been done since the weekend- 8 of them.

The herringbone school-

and the others-

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I am taking all these things to my market this weekend and will then have a big update in my Etsy shop on Monday. If you are interested in something special, I can let you know on Sunday night or Monday morning if it is available.

meetup and snowy tiny worlds

We had another great meetup yesterday. Topics that I can remember going by- how to get artwork to markets, holiday shows and application deadlines, edgy shows vs traditional shows, Facebook vs Twitter, thinking about licensing, 1000 Markets, all the good things that are happening at Etsy, where to get business and stickers printed and what it costs… if this is what you are interested in and everyone around you is either clueless or bored by it all, our meetup is the place for you!

I finished these on Tuesday-

Some of them are available and will go into my Etsy shop, probably this weekend.

a crazy kind of week

let me see. We had loads of snow- that was last Sunday. I love it when it snows like this- it looks like cotton balls in the azalea bush.

The snow made for lots of icicles on every house-

There was the wonderful day of the inauguration. I loved watching it on TV and then a neighbor had a celebratory tea- such fun. The day took a turn though- a bit before 5 I got a call that my son had cut his hand at work and the rest of the evening was spent doing the adrenaline mom thing. Table saw + finger= bad combination. It really wasn’t bad but I totally freaked. My husband took him to the ER. I am such a wimp. I couldn’t even bear to hear him describe what happened. So now I will probably always remember that as part of Obama’s inauguration.

And, what else? I have been working very hard on a project that you’ll know about in a few weeks- so that is boring to blog about. I am planning to do a class on tiny worlds but have been too busy with that other project to post the info. I will try to do that tomorrow. And, lastly, I am going to New York City (and Brooklyn) next week- Wed. 1/28 to Saturday. Got any great ideas for what I should do or see?  I am planning to go to this embroidery show. And, if anyone is interested, I am always up for a meet-up.

last doll of the year

I wanted to reach my goal of 70 dolls for the year so I found the doll that was closest to being done and finished him up. In case you were wondering, that means the doll was sewn and stuffed, mostly. I finished the stuffing, sewed him closed and then did the hand work. First, the face. Second, the hair. Third, the belt. By the time he was done, it was dark so I did the photos today. And we were having a big storm so photos weren’t going to happen yesterday!

Mr. Tattooed Snowman- brrr!

I liked the light on this one-

*Update- Geesh! I am trying to do a mosaic of the dolls of 2008 and realize that I don’t have individual photos of each doll. So… I send some over to my Flickr- I am sure that will be confusing some people. Now it turns out that my count has been off- That 50th doll was actually #52 and I made 72 dolls this year. New Years resolution for 2009- number the dolls. Back to work on that mosaic!