the rest of the houses

that I’ve finished-

this one is on it’s way to Texas-

I had some thrift store fun today- a bag of woolies and more teacups. The local Goodwill makes me crazy because they separate the cups and saucers, so I find a perfect cup but the saucer is nowhere to be found- arg! But, I managed to find 5 which is actually pretty great.

I am thinking I might teach a class on making these tiny worlds- maybe at the end of Februaryish?  Are you local to Boston?  Would you be interested? Leave a comment or send an email- I am guaging interest at this point.

20 thoughts on “the rest of the houses

  1. Wow, you are super prolific! It seems like you whipped these babies up so fast! Anyway, they are beautiful. So interesting to see the combo of the little houses with the cup/saucer.

  2. I’m no where near Boston, but would love to learn how to make these. I’ve got 3 or 4 friends who are following your progress and wait to take a look at every new tea-cup you make. I hope you have submitted these to “Sew Somerset” I’m sure they would make the front page.
    How about a YouTube class or an instruction sheet on your etsy?
    The Tampa Bay area is watching.

  3. Hi Mimi,
    I am so there for a workshop! Would love to learn how to make these tiny teacup worlds and spend a day with you! I absolutely loved the soft doll session you taught. Please add me to your list!

  4. I just adore those little worlds of yours! If I lived close I would jump on the chance for a class!

  5. Hi Mimi: YES, I want to take this class! I live in Rowley, approx. 45 minutes north of you. I grew up in Arlington!! Please keep me posted!
    I am so excited and am a BIG fan of all of your work.

    Best, Barbara

  6. Oh to live near Boston! However, we might have some frequent flier miles laying around…will have to look into that.

  7. By the way, my grandma called today to let me know her Tiny World arrived. She loves it! Thank you, Mimi :).

  8. why not do it on-line?? I took a paper clay doll class from Gritty Jane online and it was great.

  9. I wish I still lived in Massachusetts. I would definitely go to your class. But, I must confess- I have made one already. It was a Christmas present for my friend. And I did tell her where the idea came from. I hope you don’t mind.

  10. Hey Mimi, I found your blog through someone on Flickr who favorited one your pirates! My wife and I have admired your pirates and gentlemen for awhile now. I actually became more aware of you through Melissa at I LOVE these little teacup houses…let me know when you will be over on the Pacific coast? Cheers!

  11. Yes, yes, I also would LOVE to learn how to make these, but I too, am too far from Boston. ANY suggestions for an on-line, or any other long distance mode would entice me!

  12. Mimi; Weather permitting and all goes well here with crisis in family, I would love to come for your workshop on maning the teacups. Love them. !

  13. Your little worlds are adorable! Perhaps you could tell the Goodwill you would be more likely to buy cups/saucers if they were together……or ask them to save them for you.

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