party girl with smocking

I tried out some smocking on this dress. The smocking worked just fine with the wool and gave the waist a nice stretchiness.

I like how the edging came out here- very fancy.

The light in the studio-to-be room is amazing. I am going to start posting pictures of my progress- maybe that will help keep me on track.

12 thoughts on “party girl with smocking

  1. Every girly-girl among us, I am sure, wants a dress like that! While your rather stern girl looks like she might be ready to go climb a tree in it! A fabulous doll, Mimi! Wonderful. The light in your studio-to-be reminds me that I am thinking of severely, seriously (perhaps fatally?) pruning the big shrub that covers my workroom window. Hmm…..

  2. This looks beautiful Mimi. I would like a dress like this for my daughter!
    Love that hair!

  3. Wow. Every time I see one, I think I love it best, and then I see the next one. ( Except the tattoo men- they remind me too much of the men I have to sit by on public transit, sometimes.)

  4. I’m loving your latest dolls Mimi! I don’t do much blogging as I use to since I get to see everything on Flickr these days but your dolls are just awesome. I really like the lighting on the dolls..creates a little moodiness that I like:)

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