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Are you wondering why I haven’t posted any finished dolls around here lately? Well, I got sidetracked. Last week I got an Etsy convo from Tara Young who does videos for Etsy. She does a wonderful series called Handmade Portraits and she asked me if I would be interested in being filmed for one. I thought about it for about 20 minutes- what would I wear, how could I lose 40 pounds in the next few days, is my studio clean enough, should I get a haircut… so many ridiculous worries- and then I said Yes, Of Course I’d be interested! I did a major cleanup in my studio and found enough floor space for her equipment. She arrived midday yesterday and we filmed all afternoon. She was back this morning and spent the day with me. Phew- exhausting!

Thanks (husband) Ben for taking some great photos!

We had a great time together and I think we both got a peak into the work world of the other. I don’t know when the film will be up, but I will definitely be posting about it.

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  1. Oh Mimi…how wonderful….I can’t wait to see it. Your work fascinates me and learning more about you is going to be so amazing. Thanks for the great post and thanks to your husband for the great photos. :)

  2. Yes, thanks to Ben!–the photos are great. So nice to get another look at your workspace. We’ll be waiting for the Handmade Portrait of you!

  3. wow wow wow thanks for sharing your wonderful experience! looking at the pictures and reading your account makes me feel like i was there as well – can not wait to see it!

  4. Glad you said Yes! I enjoy your dolls and blog very much, and these photos of your studio are like icing on the cake. Looking forward to the video.

  5. Good to see you Mimi even in a photo. You and the studio look great. Is that the new studio or is that new one still a WIP?
    Connie Turner

  6. nice to see you and your studio. Lots of WIP :) and NOT perfectly neat- which helps me not feel guilty :) Love it, looking forward to HP.

  7. I am so excited to see the film! I’m so glad it went well – 40lbs in a few days, teeheehee – that one got a big cuckle :)

  8. Hi Mimi, I’ve just recently come across your work, but I can say, without any doubts, that is absolutely wonderful… I love your dolls so much that i’ve tryied to do a mermaid (Crochet) which was inspired by yours (hope you don´t mind!!) Good luck to you and i’ll be expecting your homemade portrait .

  9. Wow! That’s wonderful! I can’t wait to have my own working studio in a few years, I imagine it will be a bit like yours, full of inspiration and dolls everywhere! love to see these pictures!

  10. Hi Mimi, That is great. I can’t wait to see the Etsy video. I think you are one of the best doll artist of today and most generous with what you share through your website. Thank you Mimi!! You inspired me to start making dolls too. I met you at Boston craft show last fall. keep going Mimi!!!

  11. Hi Mimi;
    I recently discovered your blog, and have been enjoying reading the old posts and seeing your fantastic dolls. I was wishing my Mom were still alive; she’d LOOOOVE them! (She collected and made special dolls). Your work is inspiring to me, too…I’m still working on finding my “doll” voice. And it’s great to see those pics of your studio! Sometimes I think that my humble little studio is too messy to be that of a “real” artist…but maybe it’s the “real” artists that have the messiest studios!

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