Eleanor’s birthday blanket

she got it so now I can post photos-

I made a similar blanket for Julian for Christmas. Eleanor said she wanted one too, so I promised one for her birthday- and here it is- only a month or so late! It is made of cashmere knit samples that a friend gave me. (nice to have friends who work at a cashmere knitwear company!)  The edge is  cut-up cashmere sweaters. I put flowers over some little holes, then added more to make it look pretty.

I was inspired to make these blankets by Betz White’s book- Warm Fuzzies. I highly recommend it for all the technical info on working with recycled woollies.

5 thoughts on “Eleanor’s birthday blanket

  1. I like Eleanor’s even more than I liked Julian’s. They look so divinely cozy. Living in warm-and-getting-warmer New Mexico, I probably won’t try to make one any time soon, but you always inspire me to think about new ways to use old stuff. The flowers over the holes are particularly inspired! Thanks for the link to Betz White’s book–that too will go onto the wish list for now, as I am hip-deep in too many projects. Your blog is always such a pleasure.

  2. Very cute-what a lucky girl she is to get that for a gift-well worth the extra wait! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend~Smiles~Tam!

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