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Last Friday, my Boston Etsy street team- Boston Handmade, had a meet-up with Maria Thomas, the new CEO of Etsy.

Here is my photo of the event-

There are much better photos and a great recap here on the BH blog. It was so great to meet her- we all came away feeling that Etsy is heading in the right direction with a thoughtful and intellegent leader.

And there is more-

You know I love blogging. I’ve been doing it for 5 years now and it feeds something in me. There are lots of reasons to blog and lots of great things that come as a result… but I have to admit- presents in the mail can not be beat! What is better then getting an email saying “I found something I knew you would love” from someone you have never met in real life (see related story here!). This came in the mail for me last week-

Thanks Mary! You were right- I love it all!

There are various side benefits to scheduling a workshop/class at my house. It is like having your mother-in-law come to stay. The house gets cleaned up, projects get done. When I decided to do the workshop, I used it as an incentive to move forward on a stalled house project- the bedroom that will be my new studio some day. Yes, a room that actually has heat! Anyway, the room has been in limbo for … I’m too embarassed to tell you how many years. Various life events happened after I got started on it and then everytime I thought about getting back to work, I felt totally overwhelmed. Well, I have made great leaps forward.

It is not done, but it all seems doable at this point. Maybe I will be working in there by next winter. I am not going to go overboard with unrealistic expectations!

Cleaning up meant collecting things to go to the Salvation Army. You see, I have to restain myself from going- my rule is, I have to donate a bag if I want to go shopping. So, on Friday, as I was driving down to the meeting with Maria Thomas, I stopped by to drop off my bag and take a quick look.  ooo, all knits, 3 for $1. I spent $3 and came home with another load of cashmere, angora and wool. Yum!

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  1. excellent rule – I will have to try that! I always have a box in work but it takes me forever to make a trip to drop off – now on impulse I can stop on a dime to shop,lol.

  2. A room of ones own to create, heavan! taking time is great because you will get it just right and you will love it all the more. Perhaps you will have a spot in ‘ where women create’!! good luck with it.

  3. Oh could someone ask the lovely lady when we’ll be allowed to list in our own currency?? Pleeeeease!
    Studio looks like bliss! Very envious of your wool stash – all I find is acrylic!! t.x

  4. Now you will have a summer and a winter studio. How extraodinary is that? Or will you move out the attic all together? Wow. Makes me ready to ship my daughter off to college :) Of course, my husband might want that room for a Library…

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