oh, so exciting!

I am at CHA right now. Here is the most exciting thing that happened-

The keynote speaker at the convention was Maria Thomas, the CEO of Etsy- speaking at 7:30 am (!) so we had to haul ourselves out of bed and over to the conference center very early yesterday morning. She spoke about social media, what it is and how to use for business and marketing.

I met her last March and so knew it would be an interesting speech. I sat in the front row. When she came on stage, she glanced over, saw me and said hi- I was so pleased. With all the people she must meet every week, I was surprised she remembered me. So, she is talking away, all very interesting, and this slide came up-

And she says, And these dolls are by Mimi Kirchner who is sitting right over there! I almost fell out of my chair! What a thrill! Really, after that, no matter what happens, this has been a great event.

When I get back home I will report on some of what I saw on the convention floor- in case you need a preview though, it is mostly a ton of scrapbooking related stuff. See you soon!

10 thoughts on “oh, so exciting!

  1. How totally awesome – a shoutout to Mimi at a national convention, WITH audiovisuals!!!! You are too cool for words, Mim! Hat tip to you :D

  2. Mimi, while I am so thrilled for you I have to say I am not surprised. Your work is incredible, amazing and I’m oh so glad you are getting the recognition you deserve!!

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