the incredible print show

Yup- I’m in it! Here is a mosaic of the six lino prints I did-

You can check out all the other artists and artwork here. The prints all go on sale on May 1 in the gallery and online. Check them out here. I am hoping to go up to the opening on Saturday- see you there!

4 thoughts on “the incredible print show

  1. OOPS! I will try again! Love the prints. I used to make dolls sometime ago, for some reason I stopped. Your blog has inspire me to try again! I put a link in my blog. I hope is OK. I would like other people to check your work!

  2. I just discovered your site yesterday and cannot tear myself away. I just wanted to comment on the beauty of your work – my favorite aspects of dollmaking being the elevation of handcraft, thrift, and figurative depictions of humans… I love that you are using recycled materials. As a hoarder of only the tiniest, most beautiful (and seemingly useless) scraps of fabric, I feel a great affinity toward the work you are doing. Thank you for sharing it!

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