green robot

I made his head floppy and turning to the side. I pulled out all my rust and discolored bits, but that wasn’t good enough so I had to do some research into making metal look old. What fun- home chemistry! Then, gears-  I needed some gears… shout out for donations on my local community mailing list- the next day, a bag of gears on my doorstep. Have I mentioned that I love the internet?! I was finished with him on Wednesday… but then I wasn’t. I made him new legs and feet. Better. And a few more bits of hardware. I now declare him finished.

the “Idea” was a robot, found decomposing in a forest, a milleneum after his last step… but I think he looks more like he’s had a few too many and didn’t make it home. Whatever.

29 thoughts on “green robot

  1. These are just wonderful, they make me smile. I love how you incorporate different elements into their features, especially the zipper mouth.

  2. Perfect Mimi, He does look like he has been abandoned, gone a little rusty,had some moss grow on him- fantastic photos, My favourite of all your robots!

  3. love the poor neglected tin man! beautiful art and blog, I’m so glad I followed Jodie’s link to come have a snoop around. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I suppose I should really get something useful done now. or more coffee… more coffee would be much much better than housework.

  4. You are so clever! I love that zipper mouth. He is adorable! I have followed your work for a while and really enjoy your dolls.

  5. An organic robot, returning to the earth. I love him, and I love how you’ve staged him.

  6. He is amazing. I thought of this Japanese movie Castle in the Sky (or Laputa as it’s known to hard-core purists) they have robots that have been taken over by nature. Wonderful, truly wonderful.

  7. If the latter observation is true….he might just need a little oil can …. I hear that is good robot therapy…..Love this version the best….Thanks for the wonderful photos….and…….the humorous observation….made my day!


  8. OMG! I’m gone for a week and what a pleasure to come back to see your robots and little guy! I wasn’t able to keep up with blogs so I’m catching up. I got my felt mid week for Purl Girl and have her done in parts. I will try to finish her in the next week and blog about it – it was so nice to have a project on vaca. – she would be finished if Maggie hadn’t gotten sick – UGH!

  9. WOW, this little guy is absolutely amazing. You are so very talented and I love the photographs! You have a great imagination. Thanks for making me smile. :)

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