the monday list

I listed the last four girls in my Etsy shop. I had to retake some of the photos. We are in for a few stormy days so I set up in my studio to be… which I have gotten off course on. Got to get back on that.

One reason (excuse) for not moving the studio project ahead-

I took over the empty space for this project-

I said yes back in January (?) when Susan from Artstream asked me if I’d like to participate in a print show. I spent a good amount of time questioning that decision in the last few weeks. It was a challenge that I wanted to accept and succeed with- to change medium and keep the same feeling/style to my work. I think I will be able to really judge these in a year or so- right now is too soon. They will be going off to New Hampshire as soon as I’ve matted them up.

6 thoughts on “the monday list

  1. I love the dolls-I personally have never been a fan of dolls-as a child I thought my toys woke up and played at night (yes before toy story) and that made dolls creepy to me. I love fabric dolls with embroidered faces-they are cuddly and wonderful-not like Barbie or hard plastice dolls-that I know come alive at night!

  2. Your dolls are fantastic! I have shared your site with my friends, they are in agreement with me! I even have my husband “digging”your site and dolls!
    I love the photos of your studio….it’s better than Disney World!! I can’t explain why at 45 I still like dolls, but I do. Yours are especially fabulous!!! My husband printed the pattern from Purl, I can’t wait to get started!!

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