little red riding hood 3

firstly, woohoo! Small Magazine! I’m here with some fantastic company!

And now, Red Riding Hood 3. This is the last one.

I’m not sure why, but my camera loves grass. If I take a photo with grass in it, all the other colors are perfect!

She has a little bit of over-dyed knitted lace for a collar.  And some sweet embroidery at her waist.

Here she is with her hood up-

When I look at her face, I think- no wolf is going to get the better of her!

I’ve had some people suggest that I make a wolf- probably not going to happen… but I did think about it. And do some sketches.

18 thoughts on “little red riding hood 3

  1. She’s my favorite too, such a mysterious look on her face – and I think you should make a wolf! Those sketches are great!

  2. One of your most beautiful dolls! Her face is beyond perfection. I would love to see you make a wolf….PLEASE!


  3. She is my favorite Red Riding Hood Yet! And now that I am typing I see others are in agreement! Great minds think alike. I love them all, but she is my fav!

  4. ooh my…100% darling! Oh and please, please……….a wolf. Your fans are waiting….And I am sure it will be so empowering to challenge yourself like that.

  5. She is my definite favorite of the three. Love, love, love, the lace collar and the look on her face. Brava!

  6. I would love to see your dolls used as characters in a children’s story book.
    Your dolls are so unique-appealing to both children and adults. Keep up the wonderful work!

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