photo shoot

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I took some of the dolls to my local park to have some fun photographing them. It wasn’t completely successful- lots of photos with the doll stand showing in a strange way or odd light… but I learned a lot for next time. And there were some that I liked-

And then there was the wildlife!

16 thoughts on “photo shoot

  1. I love these! I want to tell them to be careful though! I love taking photos of dolls outside but have not ventured to the park to do so.

  2. I just love your dolls … you have such wonderful talent! and to have them in the woods … well, you’ve outdone yourself!

  3. I really like the photo of the dark-haired girl on the rock. The photos are beautiful! Nothing like the springtime to help with outdoor photography. All the little red riding hood gals look like they are carefully venturing forth in the woods. Their personalities and expressions are so captivating. Well done!

  4. The shots in the woods are so marvelous! I’ve been moving toward shooting all my dolls on white backgrounds but these inspire me to return to natural settings. Great job!

  5. wonderful photoshoot!
    Your dolls are just wonderful models!

    Next maybe you could make a fairy or the princess that kissed the frog for her prince? ;)

  6. We must be close neighbors because the park in your photo shoot is at the end of my street! I love your dolls, and seeing them at the park is lots of fun!


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