forest fairy tale girl

Hurray- girls again! I am excited about this doll and the 3 more I am working on.

I have had this idea for girl dolls in my head since last summer- forest, woodland, fairy tale, wood nymph… I am not really sure what words to use. Sort of a darker, more secret version of Little Red Riding Hood?

Here she is without her shawl-

29 thoughts on “forest fairy tale girl

  1. I absolutely love the fabric for her overdress! Is it felted from a sweater? All the woodsy colors in it are fantastic.

  2. yes, it is one of those printed sweaters- wool/angora blend, felted. I’ve been saving it, just for this!

  3. sweet! I love her colors as well – but is the bangs that do it for me. You have outdone yourself again!

  4. I love the shoelaces, the cable knit socks and that sweet collar on her dress. And those serious eyes – she’s a beauty!

  5. I love the extra detail you have put on the eyes. It really works! Her expression is beautiful.

  6. Isn’t there a story of a child that lost a red mitten in the woods? She looks like she lost both her mittens. She is wonderful.

  7. She is breathtaking! I love her expression…the eyes, the lips. Her hair! I think she is my favorite of all you have ever done…

  8. She is wonderful! I love her serious eyes and her expression. her hair is beautiful as well and the green socks are great.

  9. I can almost breathe in the forest as I look at her, all cosy and mossy. And her expression suggests to me that she is drinking her surroundings with her eyes filling herself up with wonderment.

  10. As soon as I saw the picture, I flashed on the name of a storybook character, and then immediately forgot it. Drat! I’ll get back to you if it comes back to me. Anyway, she’s beautiful.

  11. She really is lovely. Her clothing’s colour pallet has a wonderful feel to it. As usual the details are exquisite. I can’t wait to see the ones to come.

  12. Mimi-
    I just love your dolls, the details on this one are so pretty! I think I saw you walking down your street the other day- I live in the neighborhood near Menotomy. Have a good one,


  13. Hello I just discovered your blog via Fox and Owl. Your dolls are so beautiful and amazing you are very talented.

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