2 times

Usually when I finish a doll, I am finished. I don’t go back. But now I’ve done it twice in a week. hmm.

This doll is now this doll-

It was a problem with the glasses and eyes. I was never satisfied with them. And several people didn’t get that she was wearing glasses- clearly not working. I’d been looking at her and thinking change for a while. Finally, last Friday, she got new glasses and new eyes too.

I brought her down from the studio to photograph. As I was looking at her through the camera, I saw a tiny hole in the dress- I couldn’t believe it! How could I have missed it? That is what happens with recycled clothing- there is probably a reason they ended up in the thrift shop. Anyway, back to the studio and now she has dots. I love dots.

And this doll– the fairy baby. I was looking at her at the market and this was really bothering me-

The pinks and the yellow orange combo was not working for me- at all. I picked it out today and changed it to this-

And I added a few little lines into the blue butterfly. Small changes but I am happier with it.

I went back to my original post of the fairy baby and just changed the photos and added a note- seems sort of a blog no-no. But I couldn’t decide… it was a recent post and that makes it seem less sinful. Any opinions on this?

13 thoughts on “2 times

  1. I like what you did with the girl’s glasses-they do look better. The spots look good on the dress too. I think changing the photos on your blog is fine-it’s your blog. Putting an explanatory note is nice-it will save people like me thinking they are going mad!

  2. Much better with the glasses and as with the changes in photos of your fairy baby, I went back to see the overall effect with the old colour combo but you changed it so I couldn’t compare. And yes, it is your blog and you can do what you want. The purple/pink does look nicer.

  3. I have to say I didn’t see the glasses before, but now they’re right on. The spots really brighten her up a little. Funny how little things make such a huge difference. Love her!

  4. Only one thing comes to my mind:
    If I was a millionaire I would buy all your art work and decorate my children’s nursery with it.

  5. I think this is a definite improvement! She was a cutie before, but to me, she looked a bit cross.

    I probably would have put a patch on the hole. You have a lot of patience!

  6. Lovely dolls! It’s funny. I’ve just spent too much time creating a pair of papercut glasses for one of my cards. I didn’t get it right the first… or second time, either. Tricky, but you’ve done it!

  7. dots AND stripes are always my favorites. and yes, definitely read as glasses this time…..
    I liked the yellow and orange with the pink, but when I looked at the whole baby, I can see why you changed it…(and the original is still there in the group shot)….
    As to the legality of it all….I hope there aren’t blog police out there. I am sure I would have a couple misdemeanors by now!!

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