tiny worlds

Now that the market is past, it is time for catch-up in all parts of my life! There were a few things that I finished up at the end of last week that never made it to the blog.

I made 3 more Tiny Worlds-

This one looks like a cabin in the woods to me. I tried to give it a foresty look.

Very fancy cups can be a challenge to work with. This one looked like it needed a snow scene to mellow it out.

I sold one of these at the Market, but will put the other 2 plus the one I made for the pattern, onto Etsy later today.

6 thoughts on “tiny worlds

  1. I so love these. the snow scene one especially. the contrast between the elaborate warm designs on the china and the calm snowy landscape is just the essence of winter to me.

  2. Okay, this is good motivation to get going on mine. I have the pattern near my sewing table, just waiting for me to order some felt from PurlSoHo. Now I’m determined to have a Small World by the end of the summer. Thanks for posting more pix!

  3. These are so perfec.t I just wish I had the time to fill my tea cups up with tiny worlds like these. I wonder how your fair went Mimi? Did you have to part with lots of your lovely dolls?

  4. I came across your blog while looking for reference images for the costume of a red riding hood doll I am working on. I was completely blown away and so inspired by your handmade dolls. They are so sweet and expressive. I am from India. I wish I lived in the US just so I could see your wonderful creations unfront. :)

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