owl baby 2

here is the doll from last week that I am finally getting around to posting-

another baby and owl- this time a sleepy baby on a blue background.

a little bit of scale-

and some sun-

On the topic of creative slump- I have cycles I go through… one of the very positive things about having a blog is that I have a record of it. I can remember how things were going, even if I didn’t write it down at the time. The blog is a concrete reminder that I get past the slow times and get energized again. Right now I am distracted by many things- the studio project, the class I’m starting today, other stuff in my life that doesn’t make it into the blog- that boring and difficult real life stuff. There is some kind of brain exhaustion happening too- I need the break. It all adds up to no new dolls. I focused on the studio project over the weekend and got lots done. I feel like I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. When it is all done, I am going to have a party and you are all invited!

6 thoughts on “owl baby 2

  1. I love it!
    I agree, Blogging is a great way to put down what you are doing and keeping a record and it is fun to do. Love the owl.

  2. Your babies are my favorites among your dolls, and this one is really spectacular. The owl with its frayed wing is lovely.

    You’ll feel more energetic after a break. The mind and body need rest in order to be creative.

  3. I love it when you make owls. Your use of tweeds – so, so wonderful. And I’m coming to that party!

  4. She’s beautiful. I noticed that you used some of the fabric for the owl that was the same as your other baby. Do you “felt” woven wools as well, in order to use them, or do you just grab them for accents, and a different look.

    Inspired by you, I’ve combed our thrift stores (harder to find wool here in Southern California) and felt a couple of sweaters.


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