I’m home!

I got home yesterday, but no rest for me here! There is lots to be done here with studio organization and filling up my Etsy shop, but first things first.

Tomorrow is my birthday and that means a give-away. I will post details tomorrow instead of doing the drawing on my birthday like other years. See you back here then!

Also, there will be a few days of CHA reporting. It was all new to me, I met lots of interesting people, and wow, was it exhausting. I am simply not used to being out and about with loads of people interactions for 5 days in a row. I need more practice at getting out of my studio!

That is the hotel restaurant on the first night, before any of the work began. I went to Orlando with my sister-in-law who was showing Twisteez, an art wire that her family has been making and selling to schools for 50 years. This was her first venture into finding retail outlets for the product.

This is what things looked like when we first walked in-

soon, we were getting the booth put together-

and here is how it looked on Tuesday morning, opening day-

We kept ourselves very busy. In between talking to people, we played with the wire. Here are some of our creations-

Sandy made a dragon-

I made a dragon slayer-


I made an articulated little girl-

We both made flowers-

Sandy made a horse-

And I cut out a bunch of elephant shapes and we tried different approaches to them-



and Sandy-

As I said at the beginning, there are no retail outlets for Twisteez yet, but I am going to help my son set up an Etsy shop to sell them- soon! I will let you know when they are available, in case you are interested.

11 thoughts on “I’m home!

  1. Well, Happy Birthday MiMi. Welcome back to MA. Thanks for the interesting Blog….your work space, the cemetary….

  2. Indeed, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Now you are a year older than me until October:)
    I am so lucky you agreed to help me out at CHA! You were the perfect assistant -my photographer, organizer, demonstrator, assistant beeper, and guide in this strange new land of scrap booking . thanks-Sandy

  3. Michele says she wants a creative block like yours! Love the dragon and dragon slayer.

  4. I’m VERY excited to find this wire…I’ve been using multi-pair coax cable as doll hair for years now, and your sister’s product will allow me to forego the arduous task of removing the outer sheath! Yeeeaaaaaa!

  5. Happy birthday! The wire sculptures are really amazing! Thanks for showing them. I especially like the dragon and the dragon slayer!

  6. Happy Birthday, Mimi! I’m sure the Twisteez wire will be a big hit. When we were kids, we used to ride our bikes down to the telephone company grounds to scavenge colored coated wire bits from the area surrounding the maintenence trucks. We loved making jewelry from it! I had forgotten that memory until I read your post. :-)

  7. Happy, Happy, Birthday Mimi! I’m finally home in MI again and got to see my garden baby for the first time. I love her!! As usual, your craftsmanship, attention to detail, color choices, etc., etc., are superb and I’m so happy to have this doll in my little collection of your wonderful creations. It turns out I will definitely be in Boston from the end of March to the beginning of May so we will have to try and get together for coffee.

  8. Mimi :Love the twisties ! Makes me want to play ! I bet my granddaughter would have a ball with it. Let me knowwhen the site comes up ! Have a wonderful and a very Happy Birthday!
    Now for your big challange your work space, you’ll get organized and love your new space and then you’ll be all set for your creativity with a wonderful new room to put all of your ideas to work.

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