13 thoughts on “new baby

  1. btw, your studio phots made me laugh as my whole house looks like that right now. Oldest daughter 1/2 moved into student housing — maybe a carload or two to go ….

  2. Love the colours and your needlework skills. Artwork keeps us sane when we shift rooms (or houses like I did recently!)

  3. Adorable! Will she be on Etsy???
    I love all your babies, but this one is special.

  4. Oh, I love, love, love this one. My favorite ever. I think it’s the sweet little cap that makes it for me.

  5. Your bird baby is wonderful! Lovely and spiritual. And I love the dolls you’ve photographed for your header, they’re also really wonderful. I’m just beginning at this, and I hope some day to make dolls as wonderful as yours.

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