new doll and temporary photo solution

One good thing about having a camera that has the option to take huge photos- I took all of these photos on one side of the frame and cropped out the spot! Next, I might have to try Photoshop. On Monday, I will call Canon and get advise.

She is my Garden Girl-



I gave her pigtails. I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to make them and I am pleased with her hair.


a detail of the flowers and her shoe bows-


and in the garden.


update 9/21/09- I redid her face and changed the photos.

17 thoughts on “new doll and temporary photo solution

  1. Dear Mimi,
    Love the pigtail girl. I especially liked the red head girl in the blue dress. I am found of redheads for some reason.
    Connie Turner

  2. I love how you made the pigtails. they are great and the flowers are wonderful as well. Good luck with the camera. I hope Cannon is more helpful than the shop where you purchased it.

  3. The pigtails are adorable! I’m truly shocked to learn that your photos are so lovely without photoshop. Seems like I have to beat mine into submission with a stick!

  4. She looks worried. You know thw saying? You can bury a lot of trouble digging in the garden.

    Picasa is a free software and has a retouch options.

  5. When I get a message in my email box that you have a new posting it’s the first thing i open. Your work is just beautiful and inspirational. I love looking at the details.

    I have Photoshop Elements. It has all kinds of wonderful features and it’s pretty easy to use. I go to You Tube for tutorials and have learned a lot. They offer a free 30 day trial, you can download it and see if you like it. That is what I did. Good luck and thank you again for sharing your creations.

  6. I love the flowers on her dress and her shoes! But she looks sad. Or is it just me?

    PS I am dreaming of one of your girls with calligraphy details (see my blog for what I mean) or with Berber tattoos (harqus) on her face.

  7. How do people set up their blog connection to get email notifications when you post updates? I want that too!

  8. She is so beautiful! I just discovered your site this morning from a link at “Junior Society.” I have tears in my eyes from just looking at your lovely creations. I am going to start saving my dimes & nickels for one of your dollies, although those teacups call to me too :) Have a wonderful day!!!

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