girl in a red coat

It was a real struggle to get some good photos of her- I am using my old camera and, guess what? It is not as good as my new one! My g10 is on its’ way home from factory service (Hurray!) and I am hoping it will get here today. Red is always hard to get right though. Also, whenever there is something fuzzy in the photograph, like her mohair scarf, it really messes up the focus. That is my excuse for all the photos in this post- in case you were wondering.

Here she is with all her goodies- she has an elastic waist cashmere skirt, a red wool coat, a black felt purse, and a blue mohair scarf that matches her eyes.

She has a cashmere bow in her hair.

A side view with the bow peeking out-

Her wool coat has wool felt trim and handstitched button holes.

15 thoughts on “girl in a red coat

  1. She’s terrific and perfect for Back to School. I’ve been following the blog, but have been traveling so haven’t commented. I’m still a fan!

  2. Yeah for the hand stitched buttonholes. Not many people know how to do them anymore – or care to. My mom only ever did hand stitched buttonholes so of course, I learned from her. Great looking red.

  3. While red is my favourite colour, and I love the way you have used them in the dress and coat, its the striped tights that have my attention. Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Mimi!! i’m in love with your work, your dolls are so beautiful and so perfectly made! It is amazing. I wish i can buy one for a present or for me one day!


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