Tattoo lady #3

This third one- she has freckles-


I over-dye all the toile to make the skin tones and then dye some plain fabric and hope they match. I am not very good at it, but I have a great time. This fabric ended up with tiny red dots and they give her a freckly look.


I love her shape. Playing with the variety of lady shapes has been great fun.


I made a skirt, or maybe you’d call it a tutu, for my Tattoo lady #2-


And, I gave her fingers.

This is how I sign my dolls, in case you wanted to know-


It is a little tag made of shrink plastic.

Here are the three ladies, relaxing at the dumpster next door-


I like this photo because you can see my new lady’s little busom.

22 thoughts on “Tattoo lady #3

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  2. there is something poetic about this trio. They are like embracing there femenine bodies and looking beautiful, something like that… I love it!

  3. Oh, I love, love this one’s hair. The use of the fabric is perfect. And she looks as though she keeps her opinions to herself. I agree with Sarah above. As much as I loved the men, I think I love the ladies even more.

  4. What a Wonderful imagination you have!
    I love all three! Grouping them together really sets them all off!
    I love what you do!

  5. These are fantastic! I especially love the the third one – her shape is perfect. I was so sorry the event on Sunday got rained out! Would have loved to have met you. Do you want to meet for coffee sometime?

  6. I love the tattoo’d ladies! I have a tattoo, and I was always concerned about my tattoo having freckles encroach … but now that the freckles have invaded, I don’t mind so much. The redhead is the bomb, Mimi!

  7. I just watched a small video of you and I am crying and don’t know why…perhaps with the discovery of someone doing and saying just what I do and feel…Not into minimalism…use what I have now…got much from your mom…May I add a funny I always say-I have creative compulsive disorder. Thank you for your work and for showing us. Always good to have like minded people.

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