the last few days

Fall! The last things blooming in my garden- chrysanthemums and dahlias. I love how all the blossoms on the mums are facing in one direction.



Walk in the neighborhood. It is surprising what you see when the leaves start to go.




And my class on Saturday- so much fun! There were 5 of us all together.




This is the Haunted house!


And here is the table with all the felt and wool-


The market on Sunday was canceled- we were having a nor’easter here in Boston- wind, rain, cold… I was not sorry to miss standing under a tent from 7am to after 4pm. And then it snowed! It was the right call. Still, I’m left feeling a little deflated- all the anticipation and hope that comes as I prepare for a show. The next show I am scheduled to do is the South End Holiday Fair– Dec. 12 and 13.

6 thoughts on “the last few days

  1. the haunted house is too cute! sorry about the cancelled show, on the brighter side you now have a heads start on the next one.

  2. hi mimi!

    oh your class on saturday looked wonderful! i love what everyone made and the piles of wool just made me smile!

    i was thinking of you when i heard the market was cancelled. i am so glad you did not have to be in the cold all day. Now you are all set for the show in Dec. :)

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