a class yesterday

well, I think I have all the proof I need. Working messy is contagious. People catch it from me-

first hour-


We had a great time and here is where everyone was at the end of the day-

There were 2 last minute cancellations so there were 6 instead of 8, but we managed to fill the table. I love seeing the different ways that people approach the same project. Endless variations.

I want to do a fish class next but have to find a venue for it. It needs a bit more space since it involves sewing machines and a larger finished project. I will try to figure out a date for a next class- whatever it turns out to be- in the next week, and post about it. I am thinking late April.

11 thoughts on “a class yesterday

  1. Any other fish lovers have trouble finding wool sweaters to felt, I have been having good luck using fleece fabric for fins and tails.

  2. Thank you for an amazing class Mimi!!!! You are such an inspiration. I love my tiny world. Can’t wait for the fresh fish workshop.

  3. I love these little worlds in a teacup! It’s fun teaching people how to make things. Whether they are grown-ups or children, each person’s creation is unique and says something special about them. love, Beth

  4. Oh gosh, if only I could be there. I am a Fish so would love to take any class like that.
    Mmm… and I’m in Tampa in late April. Or I’d come up anyways!!!
    Love these shots.
    Looks like lots of fun.

  5. I am in love with the teacups. mine sits next to the machine and lets me stare :) wish i could join. i don’t mind messes either.

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