New York trip report

We had a great trip- short but I managed to get everything done that I really wanted to do and ignored what I sort of wanted to do. Long post ahead…

It was pouring rain on Tuesday- we seem to specialize in that weather when we visit NYC. Wednesday was foggy and drizzly and actually very photogenic. I’ll post more ny photos in a separate post.

I went to the Jane Austen show at the Morgan. I had read some reviews of it and was therefore not at all disappointed with how little there actually was. It was amazing to see the neat handwriting, read her words, see her scratched out and messy draft of a manuscripts. Little windows from 200 years ago. I am glad I got a chance to go.

When I finished at 37th St., I walked over to the Fashion District. I stopped into Tinsel Trading for a while, enjoying all the goodies and especially all the containers they put those goodies into- old file drawers, book shelves, thread racks- eye candy, everywhere I looked! Then onto M & J Trimming for some more notions overload. Everything is so delicious. You might find this hard to believe but I bought NOTHING! I went into both of the stores having decided that I would wander around and only consider something that jumped out at me, I was sure I didn’t already have, and I couldn’t get locally. So, nothing.

I continued downtown toward SoHo, on foot and by bus. By the time I got to Purl, I was in desperate need of a sit-down, a cup of coffee and a cookie. Luckily, they have those on Sullivan St.  Sometime a cookie can be a lifesaver or at least it seemed that way at the time!

I knew what I wanted at Purl- more of this Valdani embroidery thread. My new colors (including variegated- swoon!) will soon be put away with the rest of the embroidery threads.

But wait *Look what they just got in*

That is ALL silk embroidery thread!!! I couldn’t let myself go there- maybe next time. *Update- HERE is the link.*

Wednesday morning was spent back in the Fashion district- it is just so much fun to window shop. I spent some time at Mood Fabrics– I just had to see it live after watching all those Project Runways. There was a gaggle (giggle?) of little girls doing a class project while we were there- so entertaining to see a kindergarten class learning about fabric.

And then to Brooklyn and lunch at Etsy. So Amazing! I met up with Tara who did the Handmade Portrait last year. I got to meet everybody including- who knew- the Etsy dog! I think they told me her name is Dot… but I’m very bad at names so I might be wrong…

I got to see the quilt that my friend Kiki of All the Numbers was part of. Gorgeous!

There is so much energy, such a buzz at Etsy. The new office is beautiful. I left feeling very good about the direction things are going. Full steam ahead!

Now, onto the weekend and my next tiny world workshop. I’ve got to pack up some orders and go to the post office, clean the house and make my samples and here I am on the sofa… yes, time to get on that.

17 thoughts on “New York trip report

  1. I found this post through twitter (but have been to your blog before!) and we’re sort of neighbors! (I was in Medford and now I’m living in Burlington, just a few miles away)

    How exciting that you got to go to Etsy! It’s like a mysterious place in the clouds to most of us Etsyans haha. That quilt is amazing.

    Much success to you and I’ve bookmarked your blog. : )

  2. Hello,
    Wonderful pictures.
    I have never been to New York, well I have never been to America!
    Your shops seem to have so much choice.
    It looks like you had an inspiring visit.x

  3. I just wanted to tell you that I am not a blog reader. I just don’t have the time. I have 3 small children, I own and run a small restaurant with my husband, I make dolls for fun and I am taking 16 credits in college, but I can’t help myself I have to read yours.

  4. What a fun trip! I hope to visit New York some day.
    It seems so energetic. Why do you like the Valdani embroidery
    thread? I have never heard of it and wonder if you like it better
    than DMC?
    That Etsy dog is too cute!
    Thanks for sharing the trip
    : )

  5. Wow! Lucky you. Did I ever mention I went to school at Parsons? I only get back to New York every 10 years or so now. Sometimes I miss it so much! I’d love to visit esty.

  6. Mimi!
    I came to your blog to fink to the doll pattern you did for Purl Bee – we found out we’re having a girl and a boy so I wanted to make them some things to snuggle. I saw this post and there’s our quilt! So exciting! I would love to see it in person. I just was in NYC as well for ENK, but it was the weekend and I didn’t even think of stopping in at Etsy. Silly me.
    Anyways, thanks as always for the inspiration. I love all your work and we miss you in BH.

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