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a couple of things-

a nice interview with me here at Hand/Eye.

Meet-up this Wednesday at Starbucks in Davis Sq., Somerville, MA. Starts about 10 am.

And, I made 2 more fish. I wanted to try the pattern in cotton fabrics- this one has repro barkcloth for its body, a corduroy head and the fins and tails are made from cotton knits.

This one is made from quilt type fabrics- all woven cottons.

I’ve gotten started on organizing the pattern and I want to make it as accessible to as many people as possible. I am trying the design out in cotton because it it so much more available then wool. And, some people find the thickness and stretchiness of the recycled wool to be a challenge to work with. Is there anything else I should be exploring? If you were going to make a fish, what would you want to make it out of?

Cotton vs wool-

The pile is getting big!

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  1. I just love these fish! Both cotton and wool have their merits. I like the coziness of the wooly fish(sort of a paradox–cozy fish– which makes it even better!); the cotton fish seem to allow for more play with color and pattern(or perhaps it is just the two that you are showing–they seem especially inspired, color/pattern-wise). I really like how ruffle-y the knits are for the fins… Truthfully, I like the idea of the fish coming from various bits and pieces…make-do fish! Will you consider making any catfish(the whiskers could be fun)?

    All best to you! ~mb

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  3. I like wool for its tactile qualities. And I agree with Mary Beth that a fish (or many things) composed of bits and pieces is exciting. This weekend I found myself rummaging in the bins at the thrift store, looking for ruffly bits for fins. Can’t wait for the pattern. It was nice to see the scale (big!) when you showed a photo of yourself with a fish.

  4. I like the idea of having a option for the fish in either soft recycled wool or in cotton. Really, when I saw the picture of the pile of fish in your chair, it made me think: what you need is one of those netting things that sometimes are used in the corner of the room up near the ceiling, to hold childrens toys, you could fill it with your fish!

  5. I am mad about those fish….love seeing them piled on the chair, all heaped together….and adore them swimming in a school on the couch! They are wonderful!!!

  6. I like to sew with cotton, but maybe that is just me. I could also see making one in wool felt with free form machine stitching for scales along the length of the body. But then again I like to make everything complicated.

    Great interview!

  7. The wool is more “pillowy” – say if you wanted to toss it on a chair or on your bed. The cotton has more possibilities for delicate surface detail – say if you want to hang the fellow up on the wall. I would try any pattern, but that is just me.

  8. love them both for different reasons! the wool is snuggly and warm, love the cottons for the colors. they are a wonderful school of dolls!

  9. What a versatile pattern!! I bet fleece would be fun, too! I am loving your fishes! (and that pile on the chair just makes me smile!)

  10. I think these fish are fantastic in either material. Wool is stretchy and I’ve found that it works best for me when making dolls, to iron it onto facing fabric. This stops it stretching so you can control the size.

  11. I like having the option to use cotton or wool for all of the reasons already mentioned. I would probably start out using wool because the tactile quality of the fabric is so wonderful and it is warmer to the hand. That being said, though, I really like the pop of color that you have with the cotton. I prefer the fish with the cotton knit for the fins. The motion and rippling effect with the knit is really nice.

  12. I too would love to try the pattern! I think my first one(can’t just make one) would be a combination of cotton, silk with stabilizer, and wool felt….Can’t wait to see what you come up with next….and thanks so much for the cheerful pictures and inspiration to MAKE something!


  13. I was a bit surprise by the whole fish series {haven’t visited for a few days apparently} and i really like them. Very unique and to mess around with fabric and textures–that is just fun stuff!

  14. I generally prefer making my softies from wool, but your examples of cotton fish are quite inviting! I have some scraps of shiny holographic fabric that would make a stunning fish. I love how huge they are, and that you’ve made an entire school of them!

  15. Oh my goodness! These are fantastic, whatever they’re made of… just a lot of fun for you, obviously AND for US!
    Great stuff here.
    Take care.
    Candace in Athens.

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