Too much going on

It has been a while since I posted anything! A giant yard sale happened and was a big success. Various relatives have come and gone- people want to come visit before we move to Chicago. Unfortunately the relatives brought germs and I’m just getting over a week + of nastiness. I have been getting some work done but not enough, considering I have the Paradise Show coming up in just a few weeks. Yikes!

I figured I get some fish worked up since they are relatively quick and make me feel like I am accomplishing something. First up a blue fish and a blue-green fish.

Gold Fish is next

Well, maybe not gold- more russet or orange plaid.

The above fish has a head made from a knit and that always gives a much ore rounded shape than if I cut it out from a woven wool like the below fish.

Wow, May went by quickly

I spent most of this month sewing up man dolls of various sorts and not a lot got finished. I wanted to end the month with a finished something and success! I’ve got some fresh fish!

Two yellow fish pillows. Of course, once I decided to finish something, I got distracted and ended up sewing more fish… I just can’t help myself.

Here is a pic of my mermen in progress-

I will be taking 2 weeks off, starting in a few days. Then, when I get back, I hope to get to work on lots of new men and other dolls too. For now, a few more fish.