The last dolls of 2022

Happy New Year!!! I’m not sure how many new pieces there will be in 2023 since I will be packing up my studio and setting up a new one somewhere. But, these are the last 2 of 2022- one that I forgot to post and the other that I finished yesterday.

Yesterdays doll is this dark purple merman.

It is hard to tell in the photos but the tentacles are printed with silver dots and the gold color “leaves” are also metallic.

Also, more hair/horn/dreadlocks… I spend so much time fussing over the hair details and then they hardly show!

And one last fish; a 3/4 size one-

and a comparison to my regular fish-

Okay, now I am really done with 2022!

the rest of the fish

I’m getting a little tired of all these fish here! Don’t worry, this is the last for now.

I made some purple fish-

And red- purple-

And a short blue-green fish.

Here is a whole pile of fish waiting to get photographed. The weather here has been so balmy and we haven’t even had a frost yet!

Too much going on

It has been a while since I posted anything! A giant yard sale happened and was a big success. Various relatives have come and gone- people want to come visit before we move to Chicago. Unfortunately the relatives brought germs and I’m just getting over a week + of nastiness. I have been getting some work done but not enough, considering I have the Paradise Show coming up in just a few weeks. Yikes!

I figured I get some fish worked up since they are relatively quick and make me feel like I am accomplishing something. First up a blue fish and a blue-green fish.

Gold Fish is next

Well, maybe not gold- more russet or orange plaid.

The above fish has a head made from a knit and that always gives a much ore rounded shape than if I cut it out from a woven wool like the below fish.