more fish

Here is my desk this morning-

The fish in the top photo got finished before the light ran out for photos. The 2 in the next pic aren’t done quite yet.

These fish are so much fun to make. Firstly, they almost completely done on the sewing machine. My finger tips are grateful and healing from the tattoo man embroidery. Secondly, I am using sweaters and fabrics that I like, but some of them were never going to find a place in a doll- like that black and white grid and the wide stripes of the first fish. Thirdly, they are not fiddly at all. I have been concentrating on colors and shapes.

Several people have asked me about a pattern. I will give it a shot. I am also thinking about trying out the design in quilting type cotton and also recycled cotton knit fabric- like t-shirts or kids clothes knits. And, I’m going to go check out Google images for flounders as soon as I finish this post.

Yep, I’m off on a tangent here. I am sure I will get back to those tattooed men and the bunny pattern. Soon. As soon as I am done with these fish. Okay then.

16 thoughts on “more fish

  1. Love, love, love the fish. Just the little change in the line of the mouth gives them personality.

  2. YUMMY!!! I would love a pattern myself seeing as how I am a Pisces and love love love fishies anyway. Your work is simply fabulous. I am so enjoying visiting your blog and seeing your creations. Found you through Sarah at Circles of Rain.

    Candace in Athens.

  3. Fishing for compliments? Well, here goes… your fish are delightful, whimsical charming. Love the color combos and patterns. But who could pick just one?

  4. hello Mimi. we have a small group of very creative artists here in west australia who will really enjoy your fish.. people who love fish and love stitch… hallelujah for both.
    sweet dreams on your watery cushions.

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