garden lady

I’m not really sure why, but red is the color of this past week. Red and green- my favorite color combination. This lady (like the last baby) is inspired by some quilt applique photos that I’ve got in my notebooks of inspiration.

I used thin strips of wool felt for the lines- something I’ve never tried before. Stitching was just not showing up on the textured black and white background.

Woohoo- I am going to New York City on Thursday/Friday. And probably Portland, ME on Wednesday to pick up Peter. Yep, life is speeding up around here.

10 thoughts on “garden lady

  1. Oh gorgeous, gorgeous! I love red and green in all sorts of combos as well. The flowers actually remind me of peacock feathers… dunno why!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’d LOVE to come! It will be added to the long list of places I really want to go to :-)

  3. At least you can now visit the collection – in a virtual sense – any time you like. They just put up a digital archive. :)

  4. she’s fabulous! i love the hat. the floral appliques are beautiful. your attention to detail is brilliant.

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