9 thoughts on “red flower baby

  1. I love your work so much, and it’s absolutely fascinating to me that while we do virtually the same thing in many ways, it’s so different! Thanks for the continual inspiration.

    And I love old gravestones also — the designs (the face!) on those are fantastic.

  2. I love your dolls! my granddaughter and I really love the babies and have tried to make our own as I teach her to sew. Yours are a great inspiration!

  3. How beguiling. This reminds me of the (Inuit?) story of where babies come from – mothers have to dig them out of the earth in springtime. Love the flowers (cf early crewel work and old applique quilts).

  4. jan’s posts are full of colorful inspiration for sure. This bold and beautiful baby is just one of my favs!

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