moonbeam 2

And now the doll that was giving me so much trouble last week. I could not get her face right. Setting her aside for a while helped a lot. After a day or so I knew what was wrong and after a couple more days, I was ready to fix it. Add to that, she is very hard to photograph, with her high contrast (head versus dress and body) and low contrast (dress details) elements. This photo was completely washed out but I had fun playing with all the slides in iPhoto to get this-

Her “night” is shades of purple and navy. Moonbeam 1 is all blues.

Her pinafore- this is the best color when I look at the photo on my computer. It is cashmere on cashmere applique.

24 thoughts on “moonbeam 2

  1. Especially love her eyebrows and the white top edge of the dress elements.

    She is one of your best. What does THAT mean, since they are all

  2. I love all your “forest girls” but this new doll may be my favorite! I love her dress!

  3. She’s just lovely! I can see everyone agrees–one of your best. Could it be BECAUSE of the contrast that is so hard to photograph? Who knows. Rest easy tonight–you conqueored this one.

  4. -GASP!- she is so delicately beautiful. I love the way you have done her hair and her expression is so serene. The cut and colours of her dress work so well. Sometimes it’s just so necessary to take some time away from a project and allow it to unfold… it’s as though they are asking you to create them in a particular way! Well done to you.

  5. Oh, Mimi!!! Lovely! And her outfit! Love love love it. I wonder if you might do a post or two on the backstory of the fashions you dream up for your dolls? Where you find your inspiration, any attention to historic detail (or not), how materials might contribute to outcome, and of course there’s your longtime embroidery skill.

  6. Oh, she is lovely. You would never know she’d given you any trouble! I love the applique. I love a jumper like that to wear myself!

  7. Mimi se tu fossi qui a Roma farei dei corsi con te per imparae a fare almeno una di queste favolose bambole!!! questa poi della moonbeam è divina!!!! un’amore come le sai fare tu così espressive, intense, calorose, ricche di dettagli!!!

  8. I think it’s very beautiful Mimi, and the dress is so lovely, specially the bottom part adds such a nice touch to the overall effect.

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