grey owl and class reminder

A gray owl made from the softest cashmere sweater ever. This owl will be going to NYC for the Luv-able & Hug-able show in December.

I was going to work on a pattern for the owl this week, but my scanner broke and I realized that I was being haunted by the deadline for this show. Better to get the pieces done. And, I took notes as I made this one.

I am doing a Tiny World class on Saturday, October 30 at my house. I had 2 people drop out today. Is anyone interested in joining us? Info here.

10 thoughts on “grey owl and class reminder

  1. Love this owl with his Fair Isle waistcoat! Definitely looking forward to the published pattern.

  2. Very cute owl Mimi. I would love to join your class oneday….saving for that big plane ride fare! enjoy your weekend and the show in NYC.

  3. I love your owl! I have held onto an old sweater for just this reason!! You are a real inspiration!!!

  4. Would be there like a shot, Mimi, but our world isn’t quite little enough, sadly. I’ll join with Dorian on you on your next European tour, for sure!

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