Liberty kitty

I love my Liberty!

I made this kitty’s skirt out of some of the fabric that I bought in Paris last June. Here is the other girl I dressed in Liberty since that trip.

Her sweater is very soft cashmere. Her all black kitty self is made from a wool/angora blend. She looks kind of shy to me.

Taking photos is a challenge in this season of short days. I only have a few hours when the light is okay- and that is if the weather is cooperating!

12 thoughts on “Liberty kitty

  1. That lambswool/angora blend shrinks so beautifully. What a nice find the cashmere was in that colour! Goes beautifully with the Liberty fabric, and Kitty looks really lovely beside those daisy-like asters (are they asters?). Yeah, a bit shy, but she’s managing her social phobia beautifully. Got all dressed up and went out, didn’t she? ;)

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