Liberty girl

Liberty of London, that is. I used some of the Liberty fabric that I bought in Paris.

She is a girl with “stuff”.

She has a heathery purple cashmere sweater/jacket that buttons up the front-

Wool felt trim and pocket.

And an olive green bag that matches her collar-

and here she is, all put together.

The back, because I always want to see the back.

Collar detail-

and in the garden-

It is the end of July. Time to move on. Next week brings (a) my birthday and so the Mimi’s birthday giveaway! Check back here on Monday. And (b) away with the wool and pull out the toile so that I have some tattooed men for RenegadeCraft Chicago– which is in 6 weeks!

Wow- I just realized that this is #50 doll of 2010!

17 thoughts on “Liberty girl

  1. She looks like you had fun putting her all together. An early Happy Birthday – any celebratory plans (not the giveaway but for you)?

  2. What a charmer! I love the details of her collar and the trim on her skirt! And her bag! And the buttons/loops of her jacket! And and and…. Beautiful work, yet again!

  3. Mimi, you have another winner. Your dolls are so carefully put together with all the little “extra” details that make them fabulous. I so love your talents and how you use them!
    PS I love how her green eyes match too!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, as usual. The details, wardrobe and expressions are priceless. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful creations. I’m always happy when I see “Doll” has a new post in GoogleReader.

  5. You are too much! This is so adorable – I just love the bag – the collar details are perfect and oh! The jacket! I think I would like one in my size!!

  6. Already 50 girl dolls this year (probably doesn’t count any fish, tiny worlds, etc.) and I still have not finished Elizabeth Bennett! She has a face, hair and undergarments but no outer clothes. I wish I had your drive and self-motivation.

  7. She is wonderful! What a great combination of color and texture. My birthday is this month too. :) I hope yours is fab!!

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