and an owl

I pulled out the box where I’d put all the owl pattern pieces and experiments when I decided to set the pattern work aside. This was a finished one, made in upholstery fabrics.

There were also several owls “in-progress” and I am finishing them up. Um, and then I cut out a few more because I had an idea that needed exploring. Ah well, whatever doesn’t get finished by Friday will get done eventually.

This was the dining room table this morning-

Labeling and shipping work.

And the sofa-

Yep, a bunch more fish. I will photograph and post them soon.

6 thoughts on “and an owl

  1. I love this owl and what you have accomplished with color and texture within a simple shape. I am going to do a “lovey” making project with a large group of children this winter. Do you have any advice? I do think it should be a simple shape, which makes an owl, for example, appropriate. Let me know what you think. They range in age from elementary to high school age, to make it all the more challenging! I’m going to use cut up sweaters. love, Beth

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