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  2. He’s actually #102. I had to go look at your pictures and you repeated 18 and 19. Two fish and then two girls. You’re even more productive than you thought!

  3. 100….thats a HUGE year Mimi…..

    Its been a great year for us readers as well – all thatgood stuff you have shared – thankyou.

    I’m looking forward to 2011….

  4. Wow, he is fantastic!! When the first picture popped up in my browser, it just brought a huge smile to my face. Well done and congratulations on your prolific turn-out this year!

  5. WOW! This is the best! Anxiosly awaiting the owl pattern so I can try it for myself! Soon, PLEASE!

  6. He’s gorgeous! I was lucky enough to be gifted a tattoo girl back in Nov. (my husband visited you at your house), and your work is amazing. So luck to have her!

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  8. Great Job Mimi ! love the owl he is wonderful great choices in fabric’s ! I have been trying to get my sewing room settled after the paint job ! I have painted 3 bedrooms and taken the paper off in two of those rooms also. Took the paper off in my foyer now to wash walls down sand them and paint. Would have liked to have had it done by Christmas but The weather this past week really played havock with my RA ! Those storms this week were not nice On the body. Aches and pains swollen hands and feet. Just not a good week over all. Thankfully my neice came through her Kidney surgery Great and her recoop here was short and she is feeling really good. She’ll have another surgery in Jan on the other kidney. I’ll have her post surgery again. She was here for 2 weeks last summer very sick with kidney infection, very sick young lady. she has had a partial removal of the parts of the kidney that didn’t form right when since she was born. But never had problems until recently The Dr’s are amazed that she didn’t have cronic Kidney infections when she was a child.
    Do you celebrate Christmas or Haunaka? or Both?
    Feels good to finally get my sewing room settled, problem is the room isn’t big enough or I have too many supplies ! Best get sewing now. Just wish my foyer had been finished but no rush. I’ll make it !
    Happy New Year.

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