and onto the new!

Happy New Year, 2011!

I love reading the “hopes” from other years. Sometimes I do pretty well. And this year I succeeded in what I said was my biggest goal- connecting with people. So- WIN! And, Peter’s quilt got finished. Huge. As for the rest, not so much. But, really, my “hopes” are just that. The important thing for me to do is remain open to good opportunities, feed my curiosity and the fun factor and not get bogged down with any “should-do”s.

So, for 2011, I hope-

*warning* a lot of these are reruns ;) and illustrated with random photos that never got into any other posts this year.

-more patterns… I KNOW- I say it every year! Well, maybe this will be the year. And, honestly, I will never write a book until this process is a lot easier for me. But… this year I realized how much it means to me to see my designs spread themselves out around the world. I am not kidding when I say it gets me all choked up. It is like sending your kids out into the world and having people love them. So maybe, this is the year.

-I am keeping my eye out for another Photoshop class- hopefully at my local High School Community Ed classes since I could walk to that.

-always, always, always I need to work on clearing out. It is very hard for me but having art students to give stuff to is very helpful.

-my biggest hope for this year- something I don’t usually talk about on the blog. To end the year with less pain. Yes, the physical kind. I have had chronic back-ish pain for years and decided to do something about it last summer. Now, 4 physical therapists later and pages of suggested exercises, I am so much worse that pretty much every part of my life is affected. So, hmmph. I hope to read this a year from now and think- Oh Yeah- Remember that? I’d forgotten all about it!

One more thing from my 2010 list. I had been hoping to teach more, but it didn’t happen and realistically, probably isn’t going to. Among the reasons against it happening is that I am unwilling to fly anymore with the current security measures at airports. So there, now you know 2 things about me that might, for some people, be considered TMI.

-but I want to end this list with some real fantasy hopes! Read more for fun, actually look at those magazines I buy or subscribe to, draw more, try a new medium just for fun, and actually learn how my camera works. Spend more time in the garden, start some flowers from seed, go the the beach at least once this year, and figure out what I should do with the worm casting from my worm bin. Clearing out the basement, losing 20 pounds, and winning the lottery would be nice too but probably aren’t going to happen either! So, now time for me to go off and read what everyone else put on their list. Have a wonderful first day of 2011!

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  1. I love reading plans and hopes of others. So inspiring. May yours come to pass in 2011.

    P.S. Your work is wonderful!

  2. I wish you all the best with your poor back! You have been so productive – I feel very lazy by comparison – it’s hard to work when your body isn’t functioning properly. Very best wishes for 2011 Mimi, and more beautiful work to come.

  3. Oh Mimi I loved reading your list. The problem with you and your list is there is only ONE of you. One woman cannot do it all. You must have your priorities I guess you would say and I’m sure you’ll work it out. As for loosing 20 lbs that is so easy but you have to ‘give up’ something you love which is hard for people. Look into the Primal Blueprint, a lifestyle it has worked wonders for my husband and me.

  4. Wishing you a year of creative joy in 2011, as well as healing for your body. The inspiration of your blog is one of the bright spots in my days. I have the pattern that you made for Purl Soho tucked away to make this year for the child of a friend, and someday hope to buy the pattern and make one of your “Tiny Worlds”

    Your worm bin castings will make plants very happy, I have a worm bin in my kitchen, and the resulting compost gets tucked around, in small quantities, any garden plants that I want to give a special treat. I think of it as plant vitamins.

    I am glad, in a way, to hear that you too are unwilling to fly – my friends and family think that I am wacky to not fly anymore – though I’m sad to think that means I will not get to meet you someday in person, I totally understand. There is always the eventual option of teaching an online class, not the same thing as in person, but there are folks that do that. (Jude Hill, of Spirit Cloth, does online textile workshops, and there are many online sewing workshops)

  5. Mom lived with “back-ish” pain for years before an unrelated problem necessitated a kidney scan… which turned up a serious kidney inflammation that, happily, took fairly trivial surgery to fix (it was an adhesion in the tube connecting kidney to bladder… just a plumbing backup).

    She’d never had it checked, just assumed it was arthritis in her back to go with other places. Doc told her there were a *lot* of things that masquerade as back pain. So it might be worth pursuing a different diagnosis.

    And yeah, I’m with you on flying. Fortunately, Amtrak has a station next door to Wichita, and you can not only get on it without a security check, you can (last I heard) board a train without a ticket, and deal with paying after the train’s underway. Try *that* at an airport.

  6. regarding the back-ish pain – acupuncture really, really worked for me when nothing else did! i had my 3rd baby and was in so much pain i couldn’t even lift her – 2 treatments later and it was gone. no kidding.
    i know there is a good place in arlington, too and i have a friend who has a massage practice there if you want a referral.
    looking forward to seeing more of your work this year!

  7. Good luck with your hopes! Especially the pain. I have regular migraines that I would love to see gone forever, so I can sort of sympathize. Also, you could always come teach us here in NY!! We would love to have you!

  8. nope. didn’t know about the back pain mimi…and quite frankly, you’ve hid it quite well. sorry to hear that, sewing must be very difficult.

    i still have a goal (or hope) to cook a turkey (wasn’t it?) in my compost bin…but right now both of them are buried under a shield of ice and snow and sadly my precious scraps have been going to the trash can. (apparently) as you’ve become my compost mentor, i’m just curious if you have any tips for indoor composting (that doesn’t involve worms).

    Happy New Year my dear friend!!! I’m so glad we were able to connect again (in real life) this year. xxx blessings in 2011

  9. Mimi, Your work and your blog are so inspiring! I’m proud to know you and am grateful to have benefited from one of your goals from last year–connecting with people. Thank you for letting me copy your “blog model” this past year and get totally hooked on posting. You’re a doer, not a dabbler!

  10. I would be really excited if there came some more patterns. You are very inspiring and it is one of my wishes to learn from you. Good luck on keeping your new year hopes :)

  11. Hi there Mimi!
    I have been an avid reader of your blog and just wanted you to know I like hearing some personal info. Glad you shared! I know a great fysiotherapist, but as I live in the Netherlands, that won`t do you any good especially with you not willing to fly! I can relate to that. It makes the world a little smaller in where you can fysically go, but I kinda like that. I love the way the world goes small and slow when I am with my horse. Maybe that could be a tip for you. go horseriding. Haha, no you might be to busy dollmaking LoL. Thanks for sharing. Love your work.


  12. Hi Mimi – Happy New Year to you! Thanks for sharing your hopes and even the TMI parts…..I think ultimately people just want to make a connection with others and it feels like on this blog, we learn a little about you with each post and your creations so it is lovely. I agree with Liz regarding acupuncture. My mum has completed a course of it to fix an injured shoulder. She went from not being able to dress or even wash her hair without terrible pain – to now gardening, sewing and even starting a yoga class!! This was all in the course of one year – 2010. From February till November. So perhaps you can look at that. Apart from helping to heal, its a great opportunity to just sit/lay there and relax or dream up some new creations! I wish you all the best with all your goals this year

  13. Setting goals is one thing, but I like the concept of hopes. I think I’m going to have a think and post my own. And since the gong of acupuncture’s been sounded, I will chime in. Try to look into an acupuncturist who also knows massage. AND I take curcumin (turmeric extract) for joint pain, it makes a difference. (think train)

  14. I hope you get to the bottom of that wearisome pain problem, Mimi. I’d never have guessed. You are admirably productive for someone going through all of that.

    More patterns would be wonderful, though I could do with buying some of your existing ones in the meantime… How about a book, Mimi? Part coffee-table (images of your art), part instructional? I’m not a publisher, but that’s a no-brainer, for sure.

    Thanks for all your inspiration in 2010. I’m so pleased to have found your blog!

    I love the colours in your beautiful garland at the top of this post, by the way. Keep it all coming!

  15. Mimi, do you really read these? I hope you do. Your talent is so inspiring. I can’t wait to make a doll. The trouble is I’m a single mom with 3 kids to get to and through college (they’re all teenagers now). In the mean time, I love your creations. Hopefully, I wont’ be too old by the time, it’s my turn. Cheers to 2011!

  16. I have done various kinds of crafts all my life (knitting, crocheting/quilting/painting, etc.) and have considerable back pain issues along with shoulder and neck problems. I think this is the price that we pay for the art that we love. Believe me, I know how you feel. Not sure there are any easy answers at this point. Good Luck with your projects and managing your pain. I’ll be keeping watch on the blog for more beautiful and unusual things.

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