2010 review

I made 27 tiny worlds in 2010-

and taught 2 workshops at my house.

I made 31 fish and wrote up the pattern-

14 swaddled babies-

8 ladies-

15 girls-

21 guys-

11 kitties, 4 foxes and 9 owls.

That adds up to 113, but I actually did 114 and can’t show one because someday it will be in a book (weird, right?). You can see these mosaics larger over on Flickr. Just find where it says “view all sizes” and you can make it big.

Onward to 2011 and lots more dolls!

20 thoughts on “2010 review

  1. Mimi, thats an impressive body of work – not just the sheer numbers but the hours that each piece represents. What an amazingly productive year. I look forward to following your adventures this year as well.

  2. VERY impressive Mimi!! seeing them all in thumbnail like that is mind boggling.

    bring it on!! can’t wait to see more!! AND in the book!! YAY!

    blessings in 2011!!! xxxxxxxx

  3. A lot to be proud of, Mimi – both the work itself and in bringing so much beauty and whimsy to the world. Thank you!

  4. Gee, If I am that proud of you, I can imagine how you must feel. Walking on air… If only I could do a 20th of that. You are one productive lady. I did buy the pattern and finish one Winter Tiny World (in a day) as an exchange gift and the recipient was enthralled with it. So it was very successful. Thank you for that.

  5. This is terrific!
    And like the others say–impressive, wonderful, brilliant, productive and of course, I’m completely jealous of your ability to soldier on and create when I’m sure, at times, you’d rather just put up your feet and watch the air drift. You’re a great example for me, and I’m probably going to print out your post and put it near my quilting supplies, my writing (and yes, the grading. . .) to remind me to just keep at it.

    I’d love to see your creations in a book. Yay!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year, Mimi! You’re an inspiration to us all. Love to see your end of the year summaries. Thank you.

  7. Happy New Year Mimi!
    You definitely were productive this year! I’ve got to blog more and post all the things I make, thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Wow, that adds up! I love the foxes and male dolls, they remind me of Freddy Mercury LOL!

    I love the tiny worlds, and as you said: Onward to 2011! Have a creative and forfilling year!

  9. Love all you do Mimi. You are populating the world and making it a better place. Don’t stop, don’t ever stop. xxx

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