fox girl 3

First doll of 2011!

People often ask me where I get my inspiration. This little girl is dressed in colors inspired by this wonderful illustration by Matte Stephens.

I love the rust red and mustard color combination.

some details-

Her dress is made of a sweet piece of Liberty fabric.

She is made from an over-dyed bit of beige cashmere. Originally a piece of clothing from my mom’s past.

29 thoughts on “fox girl 3

  1. Congrats on getting the year off to such a wonderful start! She could not be more perfect and lovely! What a cute little vixen! And that dress—(gasp!)–would that it came in my size(but I don’t need a vent for a tail!)! Beautiful work!

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  3. Great start to the year! Hitting the ground running, Mimi! Thanks for the introduction to Matte Stephens’ work. Love the humour, the colours and the mid-twentieth century vibe.

  4. Just beautiful again Mimi! I love your New Years’ posts. They are a great inspiration to me,
    If I did a write up of last year, one of my favorite events would be your tiny world class, my favorite purchase your snowy owl. One of my top things to try in 2011, making our 2 kitties Friend Kitty style from your pattern!
    The fox family is adorable too….love the inspiration artwork! When I first saw them, they reminded me of “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” a children’s book by Roald Dahl.

  5. I was going to ask if you’ve seen the recent movie, “Fantastic Mr Fox” – I wonder if it would inspire you. I loved it.

    I also love peeking in on what you’re doing. Glorious stuff, Mimi!

  6. Isn’t she so adorable – especially standing on the steps. Perhaps she’s hoping someone will walk by and scoop her up to hug and love. I love the color combination.

  7. Hi, Mimi, little fox girl arrived in good order and is so beautiful. My girls and I had to undress her to peer at all her little clothes, and then dress her and then look in her little purse at the tiny treasure in there. Now she is on display behind some glass in our family room alongside some other handmade dolls, and makes me happy to see her in there as I walk by. I can tell by all the little details that she was made with much care and love. Thanks again!

  8. omg what a darling almost real little fox girl… exquisitely outfitted and accessorised.

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