first week 2011

It is really hard to start back up again. There are the unfinished projects that feel like they need to be finished before I start in on the new. But those projects don’t have any energy now. Or maybe it is me that has no energy. I know that the only important thing is to actually spend time in the studio and do something. Anything.

I was inspired to get out the ink and brushes by this podcast interview with Lynda Barry on Sound of Young America (thanks again for the recommendation Abby!)

I started filling up pages last night.

I am trying out different brushes on each page, trying to find one that works well with the ink.

More today.

And, I’m working on the owl pattern.

I come over to the desk and do some more scribbling when I feel frustrated.

And, Hey- It works! I’m having fun!

15 thoughts on “first week 2011

  1. It’s great to see your drawings. Thanks for sharing! I too love Lynda Barry. I think she teaches workshops? I tried to draw my 100! demons!, but I think I only made it to 3.

  2. Hi Mimi, Consider having some of these drawings be fabric designs with Wouldn’t that be fun?! I can see the textile nature in some of your doodling. What a great exercise. I know something great will come of this! xoxo

  3. Haven’t heard of Lynda Barry but what great doodling! Looks like a great way to re-energise. Love your placement of everything. Is this brushwork tapping into your old ceramics method, I wonder? So skillful. Face page very arresting. I echo Kim’s Spoonflower thought. They’d also make great wrapping papers, just in black & white. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Hello Mimi! Happy New Year! I’ve been feeling the same way….and in the beginning it sort of bummed me out….but I’m trying to take this down time to breathe, cleanse, rest and nourish. Love your sketches and scribbles….the faces especially! Your mojo will be back soon, I’m sure! Glad you are having fun in the meantime!

  6. Play and making marks are a great way to break through a little dam in your creativity. It can be awfully hard to get going in the studio this time of year, I find, too! Sunshine helps me! love, Beth

  7. Thanks for the podcast link, I plan to listen today while I putter in the studio. Maybe the muse will strike! It is hard to get back into the swing of it after the frenzy that is the holidays.

  8. After searching for craft dolls I happened to “stumble” upon your site. I just wanted to say thank you so much, you are truly gifted!

  9. Thanks so much for the links, my friend told me about the interview but couldn’t remember where she’d heard it. I love, love, love Lynda Barry’s books. They are deep and funny and inspiring.

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