working on

the owl pattern and getting the studio picked up. Both are going slowly.

There are blizzard warnings in the neighborhood so this months’ Crafty Biz meet-up is postponed until next Wednesday (1/19). Email me if you want details.

*blog heads-up* I am going to have a Martin Luther King Day sale- I will be marking down some of the things in my Etsy shop that have been there too long. I have some older pieces that I’d like to sell also and will either put them here in the blog or list them on Etsy. The sale will start on Thursday morning and run through the long week-end.

And, I’m heading back up to Portland (ME) next weekend to deliver P back to school and eat some excellent food. I’m always open to suggestions!

4 thoughts on “working on

  1. Feeling a little new year sluggishness too, Mimi, but your productivity inspires me. I’ve just been looking through previous January posts on your blog – quite randomly – and it’s fascinating to see your creative journey. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. PS By the look of the owls, Tweedy snuck a big piece of chewing gum onto the step just as Snowy sat down, and Snowy’s just realised… ;)

  3. the owls look lovely … looking forward to the pattern and the sale … haven’t bought my birthday present yet, still waiting for that ‘right thing’ to be on your esty page.
    I’ve been sick since Christmas with a silly cold and, for the most part, don’t feel like doing much. Haven’t even done any sewing on my machine this year … hope it’s not a trend.
    Happy day Mimi!

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