things are moving forward!

On the cleaning up of the workspace-

Hello Floor! I haven’t seen you in a LONG time! I needed to get the clean-up done to make room for other people in the studio.

Kerry came over to help me with the pattern and she took some amazing photos.

The pattern is now basically done. I printed out the second draft before dinner tonight and then spent an hour or so after dinner trying to figure out how to make a small enough pdf to email to my proofreader/testers. I DID IT! Honestly, I was so amazed at my success, I felt like running outside and yelling!  I will spend the next few days posting all the owls, starting now. Here is the star of my pattern-

Tomorrow I am starting with a new intern. It was suppose to be today, but another Nor’easter came through and gifted us with another 12+ inches of snow, so we declared a snowday. Ah well, I needed to finish the pattern anyway.

7 thoughts on “things are moving forward!

  1. Yay! Well done Mimi! I tell you, these owls have so much character, you could base a sitcom around them. Lovely stuff. Thanks for brightening my morning. :)

  2. Mimi haven’t visited your site in a long while. Your Studio reminds me so much of mine, I think our inspirations and collections of things are much the same. Finally got my stuido paitned and trying to get it somewhat organized, have been through a lot and pitched things I’ll probably be sorry I tossed but some of it had to go ! One more area to paint and I’ll be done on this floor. Want to get upstairs bedrooms painted (2) and the bathroom and hall. WHEW lots to paint but house looks like a new house with all we have done. Just one more staircase to do and we’ll be done. Just have the foyer to paint it has been stripped of the wall paper and primed, the floor needs to go down and the last set of stairs and we’re done on this floor ! YIPPIE ! Been at this a year, stopped for the summer with my two sprained ankles. Until they were better. then Nursing my neice after her three kidney surgery’s. She stopped by today and is doing great and looks so much better. we had a nice visit with her. Off to finish dinner. ! Hang in there and keep up your great creative work. I’m cutting out squares for a quilt right now.

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