Night Friend Owl Pattern!

Hurray! It is now available in the shop!

I am busy listing all the owls and will hopefully be done by the end of the afternoon today.

Thanks for all your help with the names. I had so much fun reading all the suggestions. I don’t want something too specific or gendered since I think that can ruin the fun for whoever makes or gets the owl in the end. I think this is a nice compromise.

14 thoughts on “Night Friend Owl Pattern!

  1. Love it. I just bought it on Etsy. I plan on using a sweater from my grandmother’s closet. It will be a lovely remembrance.

  2. I’m so excited! I just ordered the Cable Owl and the pattern! Can hardly wait to get the owl in the mail!!! and the pattern too!

  3. How perfect to photograph your owls in a snowy winter setting! These are simply amazing, Mimi.

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