a class and a blond man

I am going to teach a Tiny World class on Saturday April 30. All info is here. Email me if you’d like to join in the fun.

Another fine fellow with excellent toile.

Once again, I couldn’t bring myself to limit the toile images so I made him another long-waisted man.

9 thoughts on “a class and a blond man

  1. Be still my heart! He is a hunk and a half.
    I adore your work, Mimi. I found you through Salley Mavor, with whom I went to RISD long ago. You are both meticulous and wildly imaginative-a rare combination. You have gotten me looking at toile all the time now!

  2. The best tattooed man ever!! I love his stripey and starry trousers! And the brown toile is so fine! Love love love!

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