fox girl 3

She is a fancy fox!

She is wearing a dress made from a piece of Liberty fabric that I bought at Liberty’s in London, probably in 1999. I am so happy to have projects where I actually use these special fabrics that I’ve been saving for so long.

She is wearing a silk ribbon bow, attached with a safety pin so it is removable.

I pulled out some beads for this project. They had been safely hidden away in the attic. Getting them out might be a mistake. Who knows where I will end up if I go down the bead path!

Here is a close-up of the sweater- I wanted the closures to be mostly invisible.

The skirt closes in the back with a snap.

And today was the last day for my intern Tori- Good-bye! Thanks for all your help!

Tomorrow is my Tiny World Workshop which means there will be a break in fox production. I need to focus on the Tiny Worlds for a few days. Hopefully I will get these girls up on Etsy this weekend. They will be $140 each.

4 thoughts on “fox girl 3

  1. They are all so fancy! i love this last one, with the bow, the sweater and specially the beads touch. Humm.. from my own experience.. it’s always a chalenge staying away from the beads once you took them out :D
    I wish you a great workshop tomorrow :)

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