feeling summery

and not much is happening around here! Things are going on in my life- they just aren’t showing up here.  I’ve been doing boring projects like cleaning and weeding, projects that I forgot to photograph before I sent them out- sleeves for some computers, and secret-for-now projects- gift type things.

The garden is looking amazing. So many colors!


Poppy season!

The crocosmia are just starting.

Coreopsis “moonbeam”

and Butterfly weed.


And in the back, my favorite combination. Blue lace-cap Hydrangea and anything.

And an oakleaf hydrangea.

My desk is not completely bare of dolls. Now that I finished the *secret project* (I’ll tell later), I pulled out some partially finished dolls from before Brooklyn and I’m giving them faces, and hair. And life.

Speaking of Brooklyn, I will be going to Renegade Chicago in September- hope to see you there!

Okay, what else? I’ve been going through my scrap box, thinking quilt thoughts. We’ll see if anything materializes. Tomorrow I am driving up to Vermont for a few days. I am going to visit the Shelburne Museum. It looks like there is a lot of interesting goodies there- I’ll give the report when I get back. I think that’s it for now. Hope you had a great long week-end (in the US). The Boston fireworks were amazing!

5 thoughts on “feeling summery

  1. Beautiful!! And oakleaf hydrangia! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before – so pretty! Can’t wait to hear about the “secret project”. :)

  2. Yes, do report back on the Shelburne, Mimi – a place I would love to visit some day. Beautiful flowers (I have matching pictures from about a month ago – we had summer early).

  3. You are amazing.. if you need a distributor in Sydney Australia keep me in mind. Your talent is so special.

    Oh and best wishes, a significant passing is never something we get over, we only learn to live with it.


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