what a week!

I’ve been meaning to post about this book- Adventures in Bookbinding by Jeannine Stein. I did a piece for it, just about a year ago, and the book arrived right before I left town for Brooklyn. The book is bookbinding with a twist, namely combining bookbinding with other crafts, such as needle-felting, jewelry, weaving, collage, polymer clay, quilting, crochet,… and dollmaking! The book has 3 levels of projects for each craft- a beginner level project, one for those who have experience with the craft, and one by a professional in that medium. Jeannine asked me to make a doll that could incorporate a book. I make this lady to be the “cover” for a garden journal. I love figuring out a puzzle like this!

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster. On the one hand, I still seem to be stumbling around in a post Renegade Market fog. I can’t seem to settle into anything and I am still so tired. And stumbling is a word I am using literally here- I actually fell down a few steps the other day- not what my already iffy back needed. BUT, I got a surprise present in the mail on Monday- you can’t beat that. And this very cute couple has flown off to the mid-west to start a new life together.


One of my fish is in this amazing ezine, Spoon.

My tattooed Ladies got highlighted over on the Bust Blog. (ignore that smirky picture of me- I always get all tense when someone is taking my photo)

And Kath did a post on Whip-Up about wool applique (one of my favorite topics) and included me. I loved checking out the other links.

So WoW!!! It is turning out to be a pretty great week at Studio Mimi after all! Now, I guess I better start working on getting back in the groove. The studio is now much cleaner anyway.

8 thoughts on “what a week!

  1. i loved the bust piece. your work is stunning, and i’ve heard about the amazing details from kristin. i still love my fish, and i’m having a really hard time resisting adding more of your work to my home. they are truly works of art! rest and be well, so you can enjoy your summer!

  2. Your tattooed dolls are just wonderful, and keep getting more wonderful. Someday I will own one–if they are not all snapped up, and if you keep making them–by the time I have some money!

  3. Hope your back is better.

    Speaking of wool applique, make sure to stop at Huron Village’s Mobilia Gallery, if only to look in the window. The featured artist works with wool and wood. Beautiful, enigmatic pieces.

  4. You fell down a few steps? Hope you are fine now. Please take good care…

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