a summer girl fox

I love this dress-

I know I would have wanted one like it when I was little.

This fox is definitely not dressed for camouflage. I love the bright colors in this plaid. I tried to pick up some of them in the sweater and her purse.

This is the last fox for now. I will continue to work on my goal of finishing up the mountain of partially finished dolls in my studio. I’m not sure what it’ll be next…

14 thoughts on “a summer girl fox

  1. She is an adorable little fox girl, and her dress, sweater and purse are all just so lovely! She has such a sweet, earnest expression; she looks like she would be the most fun, most trustworthy of friends. Beautiful work!

  2. Oh, she’s ever so cute. I keep meaning to tell you that I just love the little hairs in all the foxes ears ~ makes me want to ‘pet’ them!

  3. You are a prolific one! I love the little shirring (?) on the edge of her sweater! So cute!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I had a dress like that when I was little! Okay a bit more orange hues than blue/purple, and mine was made of indian silk. Your fox did remind me of it straight away!
    The little sweater I would like to wear now… too cute! Looks like cashmir too!

  5. Every time you make another of these foxes,or cats, I think you’ve made the best one so far. And then you make the next one just that much cuter! I love all these dolls, not just for the doll, but for the accessories.

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