first of the year

My first finished project of the year- a special order made with a cup that the buyer sent me.

It is good to have a project with a deadline right after the Holidays. It forces me back into the studio.

Now I’ll add a little real life here. I said yes to this project right in the middle of the Holiday season- not something I’d usually do. That time of year should be spent running back and forth from the post office, mailing out all the finished artwork for someone’s special gift. Except that didn’t happen this year. The markets I did in December were fun but the sales didn’t add up to other years. And my Etsy shop was very slow and has been all fall. That has me wondering and rethinking what I’m doing here- hinted at in this post. This old life/art path is not smooth or straight, right? It is that time of year to look back and then forward- why am I doing this, what do I need to get out of it creatively and financially, what do I need to do so that going to the studio every morning is the best part of the day. Yes, it is January again, the time of year to figure this stuff out.

7 thoughts on “first of the year

  1. I wish you’d write a book. I would love feeling like I was getting to sit down with you and learn. I think that would be so great.

    Also, email me your address, I have some new fabric for you!

  2. those are some big questions mimi. i guess only ones you are qualified to answer. i would guess it is not a smooth or straight path but it’s one you have followed for most of your life. you seem to be able to do both, follow a passion and make a living doing so…not many people can say that. from pottery-to dolls-to all your wonderful new wool creations and now patterns i’m sure you will continue to follow your heart to your success. i always feel if you love doing what you are doing, keep doing it. if you need to depend financially on what you are doing, keep creating what you need to to pay the bills. (not much of a help, am i?) all my best to you as you find your answers. xx

  3. well,
    we are sort of in the middle of the great depression 2.0 Can’t imagine to many people are buy art, what with all the people out of work. but, of course, we all do our best and have to find our own road.

  4. My sales this Christmas were disappointingly flat too, demanding a drastic re-think of what the heck I’m doing…! Keep going though, Mimi, because your talent is truly enormous.

  5. I love it, Mimi, another gorgeous cup-house.
    Maybe if you thought of something smaller or quicker to make and therefore cheaper, people could more easily afford to buy something from you. I don’t say give your work away, not at all. I know I love your dolls, but will not buy such a big thing, since I don’t have the money nor the space for it.

  6. Sounds like many of us are doing reassessing, this being a new year. Do what you love, if you can! The book suggestion is a good one, too.

  7. I, too, just love your work, Mimi. Unfortunately, we live in such a tiny apartment that I haven’t enough space for a school of fish (want!) or a counsel of owls (really want) or my very own circus (WANT!!!). Heck, I don’t have room for much other than myself, my husband and a lot of yarn. I do have room on my walls for pictures, and oh how I’d love PICTURES of the wonderful things you make. Would you ever consider selling such things? I don’t know how such things work (from the business side of things), but perhaps you could sell them in limited editions, posed in nature? Oh, then I could have my flock of fish & still have room on the sofa for sitting … Just an idea, from an ardent fan. – Muna Samira

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