girl in red

There is something special to me in these girl dolls. They can be the hardest and the most satisfying.

Her skirt is made out of dark red corduroy. It comes from a Laura Ashly dress that was my favorite all through the 80’s. There are so many pictures of me holding a baby, wearing the dress. Then it snagged on something sharp and ripped. I put it away, thinking I’d somehow figure out how to repair it. Now it is time to give it a new life.

16 thoughts on “girl in red

  1. Oh, I love the white cuffs and the collar.

    Maybe she could be pushing a pram. She looks like she could be a babysitter to me. Maybe a mini-baby doll of yours. I like Betz’ idea, too.

  2. Wow. I mean, wow. So awesome! I really love her. Your attention to detail is phenomenal. How can you sell her, with those great memories of the dress? (Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll decide to keep her!)

  3. Wow, she is really wonderful! She looks like an English school girl. Really really beautiful doll.

  4. Really lovely, Mimi – the perfect use for your old Laura Ashley dress. I agree that the lace collar and cuffs are particularly gorgeous details. Her face is really compelling.

    I would cast her as Snow White – or Snow-drop, as she’s named in the original Grimm story – whose hair is supposed to be as dark as ebony. She’s beautiful enough to inspire the ferocious envy of a bad stepmother, as well as melt the heart of a servant tasked with doing away with her in the wide wood.

  5. She is wonderful! All of your work is amazing, but these girls are my favorites. So happy to see a new one. The story behind it is lovely. Thanks

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